Assignment one part two


a. On March 21, this site recieves sunlight between the hours of 11:00 AM and 17:00, providing 6 Hours of sunlight.

b. On December 21, the sun first strikes this site at 12:30. On June 21, it strikes at 9:30 AM.

c. The longest duration of sunlight on this site during the course of the year is on July 1.

d. On August 15 at 3:00, the sun’s altitude is 50 and its azimuth is around 250. The sun does hit this site at this time.

e. The porch should be facing south with walls or trees in the azimuth regions from 0-110 and 250-300+ in order to block summertime morning and evening sunlight. Also having a roof that would give shade in the summer months but let light in in the wintertime would also be helpful. This would absolutely be possible on this site.

f. Alderman Library and its surrounding trees/vegetation block most of the morning sunlight that would strike this site, but the site provides a lovely view of the sunset.


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