Rivanna Adventure

I went on a super long run on the Rivanna trail, the part that runs parallel to the highway. It is a wholly different experience every single time that I visit, sometimes it looks like Narnia with overgrown vine tunnels and green light dappling. Today, it looked like a storybook I would have read in my childhood after thanksgiving dinner. Trees made gray stripes and the sun was hazy behind a whiteness of thin clouds. Yellow feathered leaves hung on branches and trembled, the ground was still wet and everything smelled clean. Leaves littered the trail, hid the rocks and roots. Leaves make every single color of the rainbow, except for blue–which the sky makes up for. It’s crazy how such a removed-feeling sanction can be in such close proximity to such a horror as 64, but the highway becomes a white noise among the trees. Headlights poke through branches and engines hum, but it isn’t intrusive. (We can still get away from civilization, we don’t have to go far)


^collected adventure specimens


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