Assignment 5, Music Chamber

The proposed design of the music chamber is one of lightness and sparkle, where people can enter and have a feeling of awakeness, clarity, and acuity. The atmosphere of this room is achieved from the interplay of materiality and harnessing daylight. A finned roof structure made of a bright surface (such as glazed tile or white plaster) reflects sunlight into the interior through glass skylights. This bouncing of direct sunlight off of bright surfaces takes the edge and harshness off, transforming it into a bright whiteness whose origin cannot be traced to a singular point. The interior space will be covered in light-colored glass tile, which further serves to bounce light around the space and echo or amplify musical sound. The southern facade is covered in a frosted glass panel, which also diffuses direct sunlight into a planar source of brightness. In contrast to the chapel design, which is dim and dazzling, this atmosphere is bright and sparkling, without being harsh or overbearing.

stereo music

Stereographic Overlay on plan, shows that the southern facade recieves sunlight at all times of year, and most times of day.

music plan

Plan Showing how light enters the space, and the luminance of the interior. A frosted glass screen on the southern facade diffuses direct and ambient sunlight into the space, and clerestory lighting also provides indirect day lighting.

music section

Section shows how different altitude angles of sunlight are filtered throughout the day, bouncing off of reflective roof structures and entering the interior as diffused light. The frosted glass screen on the southern facade also provides indirect ambient light.


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